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Subtropical Seasonal Planting Guide

Planting Guide

Utilize this Local Planting Guide to Grow your food in the correct season.

The Seasonal Subtropical Planting Guide was written to teach gardeners what to plant when and ensure annual food plants are not being planted out of season. It includes information on planting distances, how long it takes for the plant to grow from planting to harvest, soil ph requirements, botanical names and pollination details to assist with seed saving effectively. Unfortunately some introduced food plants have become a threat to native biodiversity in this climate zone. These plants are highlighted in the Guide to raise awareness of this issue. It is hoped that this planting guide will be a valuable resource for new and experienced gardeners to grow some food in harmony with our native environment, harvest their bounty and save some seed for the next cycle. This is a planting guide for vegetables, fruits, flowers, green manures, roots and herbs. Buy your Subtropical Planting Guide here.


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