Whether you are a new or experienced gardener you have come to the right place.

Our perennial food directory provides you with the most comprehensive directory of what to grow, how to grow and how to consume food list the Byron Shire has ever seen.

These foods make gardening easy and with the strong stock available locally you’d be cooking from your garden in no time.

Become a guardian and secure our food

Since the dawn of human existance we’ve been saving and sharing seeds, cuttings and tubers, and well it’s really no different now. We are everyday people, do extraordinary things by simply becoming guardians of one of our most precious resources – our food.  Join our network, select the foods you have in your garden and together we can ensure food security for future generations.

New to seed saving but keen to join us?

We’ve created a simple diagram to show you about the seed saving process. You can find it here. The best way to learn is to do it, but we also meet regularly to share methods, skills and tricks of the local food growing trade! Check out our seasonal events and get some seeds, cutting or tubers direct from our members even sooner. Growing food has never been easier.