Davidson's Plum /Davidsonia johnsonii/


North Queensland Variety of Davidson’s Plum. A tall slender tree to approximately 10 meters which produces year round, smooth, purple skinned, red interior fruit which is firm, sour but not as tart, and larger than the local Davidson’s Plum.


Can be used for flavouring all foods from savoury to sweet, and can be fermented for wine. Usually made into jam or chutney. Can be eaten fresh.

Production Requirements

Likes a sheltered but sunny aspect, good drainage but doesnt object to clay soils as long as gypsum is applied with planting.

Harvesting & Processing

Fruits year round. Unless you have telescopic arms it is too high to pick. I collect fruit from the ground- that way you know it is ripe. Birds etc .dont either find it or like it but beware rats love the seeds and destroy the fruit.
Keeps for a few weeks in the refrigerator.
Needs careful processing as it ferments quickly.


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