Queensland Arrowroot /Canna Edulis/

A hardy, clumping perennial that grows up to 2m with large, oblong leaves.
Small orange flowers and large round red and white rhizomes.
A multipurpose plant that can be used for mulch and planted thickly is a good weed barrier and windbreak for vegetable gardens.



Young shoots are boiled and eaten as a vegetable. Mature rhizomes are processed to make easily digestible flour or a starchy thickener for cooking.
Young rhizomes can be slow baked until they caramelise.
Leaves can be used to wrap food for baking or steaming.
Excess rhizomes can be fed to pigs and the leaves are eaten by chooks and herbivores.

Production Requirements




Arrowroot will grow in poor soil but will produce larger more tender rhizomes in good moist soil.

Edible parts

Young rhizomes, mature rhizomes and shoots

Risks and weed potential

Does not set viable seed, so no weed potential.

Harvesting & Processing


After 8-10 months gently lift the tubers from the ground. Select small tender tubers for cooking and set aside the larger tubers for flour making and propagation.


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