Brazilian Spinach, Sissoo Spinach /Alternanthera Sissoo/

Brazilian Spinach is an edible groundcover that forms a dense patch of green crinkly leaves up to 30cm high.
It is ideal for growing on the edge of paths, and it is quite shade-tolerant so can be used as a living mulch under fruit trees.



It is eaten alone as a green vegetable or added to other dishes as a spinach substitute. Leaves are usually cooked and are perfect for spinach pies, quiches and stir-fries. Makes a good green leaf for smoothies, as it is low in oxalic acid.

Production Requirements


Subtropical and tropical


Will tolerate poor soils and drought but will be more productive on fertile and moist soils. Dislikes waterlogging. Plant in full sun or medium shade.

Edible parts

Edible parts


Propagated by soft wood-cuttings15-20cm in a pot or plant directly in the ground. Remove the leaves from the bottom half of the stem and bury, leaving the top half above ground and keep moist until established. Space at 50cm intervals and within a few months it will create a dense mat.

Risks and weed potential

It does not set viable seed and is not considered invasive.

Harvesting & Processing


Keep the plant productive by harvesting the top 5cm from each stem.
This promotes growth and keeps the plant compact. Growing tips and young leaves are the most tender.


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